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Fixed - Personal Physio Solutions Your Christchurch Physiotherapist

The Christchurch physio clinic committed to keeping you active and pain-free.



We're highly trained in diagnosing and treating exercise and sports injuries as well as injury prevention best practices.



In order to return you to full health as quickly as possible we treat back pain with a combination of hands-on-treatment and exercise.

Gym & Home


Use our tailor-made programmes while accessing our gyms on-site and keep up with your at-home exercises.

Hands-On Therapy

Therapy that includes taping/strapping, massage/mobilisation and dry needling.



This is all about minimising the risk of injury, finding your weak points, and filling the gaps to get you performing at your best.

About Us - Sports Physiotherapy in Christchurch That Works

Fixed Personal Physio Solutions is a Christchurch physiotherapy clinic that was founded with a vision of no more rushed physiotherapy appointments. Our longer appointment sessions ensure the patient isn't just given exercises and sent on their way.

Our ethos is to provide every patient with a personal and professional physio service. From injury prevention through to musculoskeletal injuries, chronic pain conditions, pain management and rehabilitation, our expertise covers every aspect of sports and exercise injury prevention and recovery.


Why You Need Sports Physio in Christchurch

 If you’re into physical activity and enjoy playing sports ‒ or perhaps you play sports professionally ‒ then you know that looking after your body is essential. While sports activities are good for your overall health, they can lead to injuries and spasms that, if left untreated, can undermine your ability and physical freedom.

Here are some key ways that physiotherapy services can help you:


  • Grow Stronger


Physio helps your muscles grow stronger by helping to increase the flexibility and resilience of your muscles, ligaments and joints. Every time you engage in physical activities, your body takes strain. Regular sports physio can help minimise the damage caused and ensure that your body remains strong.


  • Relax


While putting your body under strain during workouts and physical activity is important for growing muscle and enhancing physical fitness, it is just as important for your body to relax and recover. By helping your body to relax, more opportunity is provided for your muscles to grow and repair after straining them. Gym-based physio can help stretch your body out, making it more supple and receptive to healing.


  • Increase Flexibility


As you age and sustain different injuries, your muscles and joints inevitably grow weaker and less flexible. This stiffness will only worsen if left untreated and can significantly affect your physical fitness goals. Regular physio can help you increase the flexibility of your muscles and joints.


  • Avoid Injuries


When your muscles and joints are not regularly maintained through regular physiotherapy, you become far more prone to incurring injuries. Thanks to the strengthening properties of physiotherapy, your body will be more supple and less susceptible to injuries. Gym rehabilitation helps to condition your body so that it is better prepared to endure the strain placed upon it through sports.


  • Treat Injuries


When your body has not been sufficiently prepped through appropriate physio treatments, injuries can occur. They can even occur despite the best physiotherapy if you push yourself too hard one way or another. Thankfully, physio is an effective way of treating such injuries without the need for painkillers, as physio is well-known to reduce pain and inflammation.

With ACC

At Fixed Physio we’re able to load claims with ACC,

removing the hassle from your recovery.

There’s no need to see a GP first.

We are an affiliated provider for Southern Cross.

Initial assessment (60 minutes) $60.00


Follow up session (45 minutes) $50.00

Extended follow up session (60 minutes) $60.00

Without ACC

We also provide a premium service for non – ACC complaints, whether it’s to enhance performance, treating ongoing niggles or preventative screening.

Initial assessment (45 minutes) $110.00


Follow up session (45 minutes) $110.00


Christchurch Physio for Sports Injuries & Injury Prevention

As a rehab patient with Fixed Physio, our expert physio team is on hand to provide highly personalised advice and treatment options. We individualise physiotherapy treatment for each patient to help them achieve their goals for recovery faster. For a sports person, hip pain, pelvic pain or back pain due to injury can be factors that severely limit you from doing the things you enjoy most in life. Our mission is to help our clients achieve pain free status in the shortest time frame possible, so they can get on with living a more active, healthier life and return to full performance in their sport.

In addition to individual physiotherapy and rehabilitation sessions, we also work on training and education for sports teams on preventing injuries. Our physiotherapists are passionate about injury prevention - we love our patients but we’d always prefer you don’t become a patient in the first place!

Visit us for a consultation today and chat to an experienced Christchurch physiotherapist.

Contact Your New Christchurch Physiotherapists Now

Contact Fixed Physio now to experience the expertise of our dedicated Christchurch physiotherapists. Don't let discomfort hold you back - reach out to our team of skilled professional physiotherapists in Christchurch for personalised care today.

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