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Fixed - Personal Physio Solutions

Your Christchurch Physiotherapist

Committed to keeping you active and pain free.



We’re highly trained in preventing, diagnosing and treating injuries related to sports and exercise.



In order to return you to full health as quickly as possible we treat back pain with a combination of hands-on-treatment and exercise.

Gym & Home


Utilising our tailor-made programmes while accessing our gyms on site and exercises at home for you to do.

Hands on Therapy

Includes taping/strapping, massage/mobilisation and dry needling.



Is all about minimising the risk of injury, finding your weak points, filling the gaps to get you performing at your best.

About Us

Fixed Personal Physio Solutions was founded with a vision of no more rushed physiotherapy appointments. Our longer appointment sessions ensure the patient isn't just given exercises and sent on their way.

Our ethos is to provide every patient with a personal and professional physio service.


With ACC

At Fixed we’re able to load claims with ACC,

removing the hassle from your recovery.

There’s no need to see a GP first.

We are an affiliated provider for Southern Cross.

Initial assessment (60 minutes) $45.00


Follow up session (45 minutes) $35.00

Extended follow up session (60 minutes) $45.00

Without ACC

We also provide a premium service for non – ACC complaints. Whether it’s to enhance performance, treating on-going niggles or preventative screening.

Initial assessment (45 minutes) $85.00


Follow up session (45 minutes) $85.00