Fixed Physio Christchurch

Our Ethos

"Personal, Professional, Physio"

At fixed we deliver a tailored service to every patient.


With EXPERIENCED physiotherapists and 1 HOUR appointments we ensure a full assessment/treatment every session.

With full access to the gym, we are fully equipped for both gym-based rehabilitation and hands on therapy.

Our relationships with podiatrists, sports doctors and surgeons ensures that if we can’t get you right, we will send you to someone that can.

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If you want to perform at your best; you can't afford injuries.
Prehab is about minimising the risk of injury; finding the weak points and filling the gaps.


The nature of being active means things are going to hurt occasionally. Whether from crazy crashes or sleeping funny;

we can help.


The perfect posture is different for everyone. At Fixed, we look at you as a whole. Making sure we aim for the best alignment and posture for what you want to do. 



At fixed we are able to load claims with ACC, taking the hassle out of your recovery. No need to see the GP first.

Initial assessment (60mins)         $40

Follow up (60mins)                      $40


We are able to offer a premium service to non ACC complaints. Whether performance enhancement, ongoing niggles or preventative screening. 

Initil assessment (40mins)                      $85

Follow up                                                  $65



2/48 Fitzgerald Ave,

(In Apollo Fitness)

Christchurch Central

Christchurch 8011

Parking available 

03 390 8175

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