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ACC Physio in Christchurch

At Fixed Physio, we understand the challenges that injuries bring to your everyday life, whether it's impacting your work, sports, or personal activities. Our ACC physiotherapy services in Christchurch are designed to support your journey back to full health, helping you return to work, sport, and normal living.

Key Features of Our ACC Physio Services

Integrated Rehab Pathways

We collaborate with leading healthcare providers, including sports doctors and surgeons, to create integrated rehabilitation pathways. This ensures a coordinated approach to your recovery, optimising outcomes and speeding up your return to full activity.

ACC Coverage for Sports Injuries

While most injuries receive partial coverage under ACC, serious conditions like lower back, knee, and shoulder injuries may be fully covered under the Integrated Care for Physically Injured (ICP) programme. This means more comprehensive physiotherapy support at potentially no cost to you.

Focused on Your Goals

Our tailored physiotherapy plans are not just about treating injuries—they're about restoring your capability and confidence to return to the activities you love. Whether you're looking to get back into competitive sports or simply want to move without pain, we're here to support you every step of the way.

To start using our ACC physiotherapy services, please book online now.

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