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When It's Time To Visit A Physio: 5 Signs

Updated: Jul 4, 2023

Many people, including athletes, will avoid seeking a sports physiotherapist since they believe that any pain or discomfort could go away by itself if they just leave it be or let drugs alleviate the pain.

However, sometimes getting professional help is what your body needs most. If you begin experiencing any of the 5 following signs, then it’s probably time to visit a physio.

1) It’s Already On Your Mind

If visiting a physiotherapy clinic is already on the forefront of your mind, then it’s safe to say that you should probably visit one as soon as possible. This is your own mind telling you that it’s time to visit a physiotherapist who can help you better than the internet or drugs alone!

2) You’re Struggling with Mundane Tasks

If doing daily activities is becoming challenging for you, book an appointment to see a physio now! Tasks such as reaching into a shelf or the top cupboard, going up and down the stairs, or simply standing up and sitting down shouldn’t be painful at all, so if you are struggling with these tasks, a physiotherapist will likely be able to help you.

3) The Pain is Persistent

You might’ve thought that painkillers would do the trick, but if you’re still in pain even after taking some, you need to see a physio. A physiotherapist specialises in addressing the source of the pain that you’re experiencing, so what’re you still waiting for?

4) Your Body is Constantly Stiff

A stiff body is never good for an athlete who needs to be as flexible and mobile as possible. If your body is stiff every time you wake up and throughout the day, your mattress is not the only problem. It’s time to see a professional!

5) You’re Becoming Sleep Deprived

Struggling with sleep? If discomfort is keeping you up, or waking you up, it's a sign that you need to see a physio - sleep is important for everyone, so it’s crucial that you get (ideally) a full 8 hours rest so that you’re ready and energised for the day ahead.

If you were injured whilst playing sports, shrugged it off, but you’re still in pain - you need to see a sports physiotherapist as soon as possible to get you back on track. Book an appointment at Fixed Physio today.

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